Nokia: from cell phone king to takeover candidate

Nokia: from cell phone king to takeover candidate

With the sale of its device division to microsoft, nokia is now saying goodbye to the market that the company has significantly shaped.

It was the worldwide rollout of the GSM mobile network that laid the foundation for nokia’s success. In 1991, the first call was made on the digital GSM network with nokia equipment. In 1992, nokia’s first GSM cell phone, the model 1101, was launched. Nokia ousted cell phone inventor motorola from the top spot in the market as early as 1998. At that time, 37.4 million units were enough for 22.9 percent market share.

Subsidized retraining as an industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics belong to the technical professions. They work with mechanical components in industry and trade and ensure that machine processes run without errors.
Retraining as an industrial mechanic is interesting for all age groups. The prospects of entering the labor market are excellent. Due to the increasing complexity in industry and crafts, the labor market needs an increasing number of qualified professionals in the technical field. The supply of vacancies is greater than the qualification on the labor market.

“Politics has been completely blind for a long time”

Thomas Sattelberger (FDP) reveals in an interview which social enterprises he supports and what he thinks social founders in Germany still fail at too often.

"Politics has been completely blind for a long time"

"Social entrepreneurship" sounds at first like startup, California and Silicon Valley – what does one actually understand by the term?

I don't think it sounds like California and Silicon Valley at all, because that's not where the topic of "social" is actually located. But of course it sounds like startup, entrepeneurship, entrepreneurship – and that's what it's supposed to be. After all, "social entrepreneurs" are predominantly younger women and men who are looking for new, entrepreneurial approaches to overcoming social problems.

Life is a great lesson

The service industry is extremely dependent on the employees. Because only they transmit the service to the customers and thus ensure a positive or negative perception of the services. Therefore, it is very important, especially in the hospitality industry, that well-trained and educated personnel transmit the "moments of truth". Readers of "Gastronomy Focus& The "Retail" program shows a number of ways of training and developing skilled employees and retaining them in the company in the long term.

Clear yes from the bundestag to the rescue package and fiscal pact

Clear yes from the Bundestag to the rescue package and fiscal pact

In the bundesrat, too, the two-thirds majority needed to ratify the treaties was considered certain on friday evening. But the federal constitutional court has the final say. The left-wing faction wanted to send its complaint about the infringement of the parliament’s budgetary sovereignty to karlsruhe during the night. The rescue umbrella can therefore not yet be used as planned for 1. July in force.

German chancellor angela merkel said before the vote that the bundestag’s vote made it clear to the world: “we stand by the euro.”Merkel had to take a beating at the EU summit in brussel beforehand. Italy and spain resist the move to provide new emergency aid for euro wobble candidates.

Nahed Hatahet: Transformer by passion

Nahed Hatahet talks about his work like someone on a dream vacation under palm trees. The eyes begin to shine, the voice takes on a warm undertone. Hatahet is someone who loves to work, who is passionate about planning and who is enthusiastic about creating visions. And all this has to do with transformation.

The passion is laid in his cradle, so to speak. His father, a doctor in Sankt Michael in Lungau, lived out day after day that work was not just a duty, but could also mean fulfillment. The money will come by itself, he said. "When I'm in Lungau today, I only see what paradise my parents moved to from Vienna and really enjoy it when I find the time to be back home," said Nahed Hatahet in a very personal transform!-Interview.

10 activities that strengthen the parent-child relationship

A good, secure bond between parents and children is a protective factor for the rest of life. Especially in the last few years, the focus has shifted strongly to attachment- and need-oriented education, which is very gratifying from the point of view of developmental psychology. In the article I would like to write less about the basic attitude of attachment orientation, but rather give very concrete tips for activities that strengthen the parent-child relationship.

The pursuit of happiness

For many people in our society, a career is the epitome of a worthwhile goal in life that promises not only professional advancement, but also recognition and satisfaction. But is it really only one's own profession that can help one achieve more happiness and joy?? Time to question the concept.

For as long as I can remember, I've been asking myself what importance I want to give to my professional career in my life. Some days I simply answer the question by working up to 15 hours at a stretch and then falling into bed, happy and exhausted. Other days I want to run screaming from my laptop and hide from the tasks and duties of life. And then I ask myself the question: "Do I want a career at all??" It feels like there are two hearts beating in my chest: one that wants to be free and unattached, and one that feels like getting everything out of a professional career that can go. But which path is the right one and what does it really take to be happy?? To approach the answer, I met with two people who could hardly be more different. Jean has consciously decided against a professional career, Martin is a successful entrepreneur. What convinced them to follow the path that brought them to their current positions??

Garden calendar orchard

The first early apples, peaches and apricots are ripening, and cherries are in high season. In order to harvest your trees safely, you should check your wooden ladder in advance. Place each end of the ladder on trestles and press with full weight on the center. Afterwards, check the individual shoots by hitting them once with a medium-weight hammer. When these hold, the ladder can be used. If the ladder has brittle spots, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of a new ladder. We wish you success in harvesting and much pleasure in snacking.

Set strawberry plants

Late July to August at the latest is ideal time to plant strawberries. If planted later, not enough roots will form to store nutrients and supply the plant with water in winter. So plant your strawberry plants early to prevent frost failures in winter. Bloom the strawberries that have just been planted? Then, of course, you can continue to cultivate them and harvest fruit this fall. However, these are not fully ripe and less sweet due to less and shorter sunlight. Therefore, it is advisable to cut off the flowers in time so that the plants get strength for the coming spring.

“Ecological housekeeping in community catering”


In its project "Qualification of multipliers for ecological housekeeping in large households of Caritas (East Westphalia-Lippe region)", the IN VIA Academy had resource protection and sustainability as its mission. The challenges this poses for Caritas institutions have also been explored. With the project, which was supported professionally and financially by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) in the period 1. March 2015 to 31. March 2019 was promoted, the IN VIA Academy aimed at the sustainable conversion of six selected model institutions. In addition, the project developed a new continuing education program that qualifies housekeeping specialists and managers for resource-conserving and sustainable business practices. The sustainability platform is another result of the project. "Sustainable management is possible in large kitchens of social institutions!", is the project conclusion.

Project info

Education is a key to sustainable business and work

"For a complex field of work such as community catering, education is one of the central keys to achieving sustainable management. The aim is to develop and implement new 'eco-routines' in the companies, given the scarcity of financial and human resources," says DBU head of department Verena Exner. With this project, the DBU has particularly supported the housekeeping of social institutions, which, as non-profit organizations, are subject to different laws than companies in the free economy.